INFP SeaStarhood ✨ 

Uniting in sisterhood is THE most important pursuit for us now, today. The longstanding poisonous patriarch will eventually crumble and it has already begun. We aid this process best, by joining heart and soul in shared love and worship of the Divine Feminine, by lifting our sisters up and speaking unabashed truth to and for one another. We all wear the royal headdress of ecstatic, feminine, euphoric energy. We are each royal beings, equal in Divinity and as free as one another. We have been drained of our power in the past, robbed of our birthright, severed from sisterhood, pitted against one another through subtle programming. The Divine Feminine has been stemmed, corked, dammed up and do you know why? Because it is the most POWERFUL. We are not one another’s enemy, we are not in competition. There is enough for us all. When we are together, bound in truth, surrendered to the light we are unstoppable flow, a great and gushing river of sweet, healing love. Sweet love that holds immense power to break down and wash away all that is dead and dying, sweet love that is fertile and gestates new life. The Earth is changing, get on board. I say none of this to disclude the Man- the Divine Masculine, too lives within each of us as does the feminine. One does not exist without the other; yin/yang, egg/sperm, inner/outer, subconcious/conscious. We are a swirling symbiosis of energy that is all the same, ONE. We live in a time of hyper imbalance and deep programming, the pendulum has been long ago dragged, screaming to the masculine end of the spectrum and held there for centuries in our patriarchal society, which is why our focus now must be on the feminine, on our holy selves and sisters, and on the Divine feminine energy within all beings- man and wombyn- so we may return to harmony and balance. 

I choose to use this platform to share the wisdom of the Goddesses who impact me and who speak luminous truth from their hearts; inciting peaceful, loving revolution in their wake. To hold my Goddess tribeswombyn and lift them as high as my reach carries! Why I love them, excerpts of their wise AF words and links to all their bidness:  

Brit Buirs insta: @britbuirs 

A Goddess whom I am honoured and brimming with gratitude to call a dear friend and Soul SeaStar. We met by Divine chance and were changed for GOOD. This wombyn’s shiny insides are obvious to all those who meet her and her fiercely compassionate heart envelopes you in a warm and loving glow where you can feel free to be just exactly who you are. This fearless wild wombyn will save our oceans, an Eco-warrior and Earth protector she is walking in truth, studying marine biology at the University of Victoria, BC. She’s also a phenomenal artist, dancer and a stunning beauty. Brittany Buirs errbody!! 

“As I stare at your beauty I wonder what lies beneath. Standing on the edge, staring into your depth, my hearts begins to beat with anticipation to dive in; dive in to discover what lies beneath. My hands get the first touch, followed by my face and my lips get a taste of your beauty. My trust lies deep as I float upon your surface, allowing your strength to keep me up, the only place I truly feel like I let can let myself go. My mind gets washed with your water and my thoughts run clearer. We are connected. …our bodies are just like the ocean. Our human bodies, made up mostly of water like our earth, with organs, like the land that holds function and order. Beauty shines from the surface for others to see but underneath lies the heart of the ocean, the heart of our bodies. Below the surface we carry a depth of understanding, the continuous discovery of ourselves, who we are and the mystery of it to others.”

– from “Dear Ocean” 6/8/2015

Ashley Sweett insta: @asweett / @sweettmoves 

A dear soulmate, SeaStar and friend. Ashley Sweett is a true artist, lover and leader who empowers hundreds of our young wombyn, daily. An undertaking of immeasurable importance at this time. She speaks with and from love and gratitude all ways, inspiring me and countless others. She’s an immensely gifted dancer, teacher, choreographer and performer. Her strength, wisdom and steadfastness have more impact than I think she even realizes! Her childlike heart and goofiness bring tears to my eyes as I witness a free spirit living from her authentic heart. Her company, Sweett Moves, connects, integrates, builds up and empowers (there’s that word again) the immense creativity within us.  

“Ashley mentors and creates opportunity for emerging-established artists as well as young artists in training.The vision of Sweett Moves is to provide an interpretive and authentic environment for performing artists of all ages to cultivate and thrive in their creativity. Sweett Moves performances, classes and events aim to bring artists together to network, hybridize and achieve greater community connection.” 

– from the Sweett Moves “Vision Statement” 

Annalise Sullivan insta: @annalisesullivan / @spiritedroots 

Oh this woman! A tremendous Spirit- powerful, potent, pure love and light. Anna works from and for the Earth, gardening by day and offering energetic healings by night. Many times I have gratefully lain on her table in her sacred home and felt safe allowing this being deep into my Soul. She’s so very succinct and incredibly wise, with a way of such soft and loving truth speak- it slices deeply but painlessly. 

“Look at your shadow, embrace every part of her because you have earned her. Every valley of woe, of death and demise you have walked through comes eventually to a point of reflection, in this reflection will be a collage of mirrors, each mirror reflecting back to you a piece of your soul. Embrace her.”

– from the @Spiritedroots Instagram feed

Karoline Dania insta: @karolinedania

Karo, my Mythic Sister from the same home constellation. We have found ourselves on parallel journeys and are always influencing one another in enriching and sustaining ways. I’m so grateful for our connection because she keeps me grounded with her poetry soaked heart and wise perceptions. Her words are magic. She is an endless well of inspiration- channelling the most artistic, creative, soul-satiating, alchemical blends of all our beloved pursuits; yoga, mythic movement, SeaStarhood, music, sound healing, nature worship and FOOD. All in the name of Wild Woman, this mystical creature dedicates herself to hold space for us. AHO! 

“It’s a remarkable experience to feel safe and supported amongst women, to laugh deep belly laughs until you cry, to move, sweat, shed, and share, to hold space intently, to hug for 20 seconds, to stay up chatting until late even though you’re cross-eyed with exhaustion, to bang the floor and stomp the earth to the beat because there is so much, too much, to express. In my experience, yoga teacher trainings are a time to break down all that you thought you knew, believed, and were conditioned to accept as true; to strip away all that you are not to arrive at the kernel of who you once were, before society decided for you. To do this work, you must be willing to confront your shadows. To do this work you must be willing to excavate and burn your fears at the stake.” 

– from the Mythic Sister blog March 2015 

Portia Favro insta: @portiafavro / @sunrisejunction 

This creature dances the dance of wombynly liberation, there is something trancelike in her movements as though she feels the ritualistic rites of her ancients and channels it here, now, for us. She is incredibly bold and brave, I’ve never seen anything else like her when she is living and breathing onstage. It’s a sight to behold and she blazes a trail for us all to own our bodies and our Divine sensual nature. Wholly kind and perpetual sunshine, we are all so grateful to learn and create with Portia Favro! 

My other colleague made me go with her to an ecstatic dance class about six months ago, and I was completely weirded out and scared to go in the room. It was a freestyle class for 2 hours with a bunch of strangers…on Sunday morning. But we kept going back. Every week brought up something new. I’m still terrified every time I take that class. But it brings me back to a very “human” place, and I learn a lot of the dancers around me (most whom are retired contemporary and modern dancers in their 50’s). 

– on taking classes outside your comfort zone, from “Tricks” October 2015 

Ashley Albrand insta: @infinitesourceyoga / @ogyogini 

A straight-up truth speaker and a visionary who has gone boldly outside the system, radically changing her lifestyle, a living inspiration for how we can come closer to the Earth Mother, to ourselves and to eachother. She doesn’t hold back and speaks always from the heart with truth and BIG love, her unique way of laying it out with humour and good grace is what I love most. Each time she posts I am jazzed to read her words and receive healing from the light she is channelling. Plus, she is a stunning creature with adorable babies and rocks at handstands in the forest. Bring it! 

“Breeeeeathe and believe.  Every thought that isn’t calling in your highest can be thrown out. Spirit is clear! You are an INFINITE DIVINE LOVE CREATRIX! Any thoughts not in alignment with this TRUTH need to be burned in the fire of destruction. I promise you bae’s. You gotta stop trying to plan and let the spirits guide you, then when things need a boost put your heart/mind into planning action and watch as the energies assist the manifestation of your hearts desires. With the tides… Ebb and flow and rise and destroy and rise and destruct and open and allow….” 

– from the @ogyogini Instagram feed

Carrie Anne Moss insta: @loveannapurnaliving 

I love this woman for the life she has carved for herself. With Hollywood being a poisoned and treacherous stomping ground, I admire a being who knows her soul and chooses work from inner truth and integrity. She created this website and blog with the intention of holding space for women to connect and share their stories of personal growth, creativity and soulful truth. While it is very much a collaborative effort her involvement is clear and deep. I’ve submitted my own story to their blog and will hear back soon! 

“It is so important for all of us to own our stories and to share and to heal. There is much so many of us feel about birthing, about mothering, about being a woman, about being a human being. We must hold ourselves in the highest place within ourselves. We must honor our journeys—the imperfection of all that it means to walk this human path. We must listen to others who are doing it differently and give them space to share without judgment. This world needs humanity to be kind and understanding in the face of our differences. This world needs all of us to love each others’ children as much as we love our own.”

– from “Humanity and Deep Love” 

Devany Litha Wolfe insta: @serpentfire 

An ally of the Divine Feminine through the beauty of her art. I am floored, again and again by the gorgeous images she makes manifest from her brilliant mind! She has designed a phenomenal Tarot Deck, which is pure love and magic. She is also an animal rights activist and animal communicator, a proficient wordsmith and Kundalini counsellor. I deeply admire the truth living nature of this Soul, what a life!  

It is the expression of love for the divine feminine, the majesty of the desert, the vastness of the cosmos, the nostalgia of the dated photograph, and the power of Kundalini. It is a blend of vintage psychedelia and retro sci-fi vistas, creating a world of mystery and wonder to fulfill all of your vision quest desires. My roots reach deeply into Magick and Occult traditions which add to the richness of the visuals.
– from Serpent Fire Tarot 


All images belong to Devany Litha Wolfe © Please cite! 


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