with friends like coconuts, who needs shampoo? 

I’d like to share something not so secret with you; we don’t need much. 

  These are my most utilized health and beauty products. I use coconut oil to clean my body and face, a combination of baking soda, pMint and coconut oil for my teeth, baking soda and essential oils- blended by Brittany Buirs- for deodorant and the Aveda oil when my hair calls for moisture. I’ve mentioned before that I no longer use shampoo or conditioner; it took a couple months and a lot of salt water scrubbing, but now my hair cleans itself. You can use baking soda to clean the body, clothing, fruits and vegetables- coconut oil as moisturizer, hair serum, makeup remover, SPF, digestive aid, salve for sunburns or rashes and I’m not even listing all the uses. You could probably guess them anyway. You know when you put scented lotion on your face and you avoid your lips and eyes so you don’t have to taste and feel the perfume? No more, you can slather that coconutty everywhere and it feels real nice. Of course, surrendering all of our previously beloved beauty products does come with a set of sacrifices. No antiperspirant to toxically plug our pores with aluminum and prevent the bodies natural and healthy function of cleansing, the trips to shoppers drug mart, standing betwixt a spectrum of coloured bottles, barraged by advertising. WE DONT NEED IT. 

At some point, we started messing with our bodies natural wisdom. The pH got as hormonal and unbalanced as 16 year old me; there she is, lying on the carpet, a “stay out” sign affixed firmly to the closed door, The Postal Service plays at top volume. Like my angst and violet, asymmetrical hair our need for a slew of different products are things of the past. Of course, Humankind has always felt inclined toward beautification and has always found ways to do it. Imagine our ancestors pummelling herbs with stones and rubbing the oils into their river damp skin, using berries to darken the lips and paint the body, scrubbing away dead cells with sand from the beach- this is about our intimate relationship with the Earth. The more in touch we become with the Mother, the more she will speak to us and we will learn how to care for these earthly shells naturally, free from chemicals that harm us and the environment. It’s time for us all to get back to our wild roots; you have them, I have them, we are one anyway. Every part of us is whole and perfect, please don’t cover yourself in consumerism. We have everything we need. Loving you. 


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