what I’ve been up to; not blogging. 

I’ve been busy falling in love. 🔮✨💖💞😍🌎🌴👯💗🔆

With jungle fringed crags and limestone cliffs that seem to reach their jagged fingers toward rainy season skies. With a beautiful French woman and her tangled red locks. Her pen poised over paper, her brilliant mind flowing forth into inky black lines the shape of breasts, of thighs, of mountains. When she speaks, she speaks soft and you must really listen, her heart is on her breath. With a lion cub man, whose Swedish tongue wrapped around English words in the most pleasing way, laughter running deep and long. Glacier eyes revealing the great breadth of soulful joy within. Even more in love with YOU my lover, my partner, my friend; who, even time zones beyond, I can feel in my heart. I love you. With the people of Laos, their smiles broad and etched into their cheeks like water to a stone. I’ve fallen in love with the joyful lilt of the language; Kop chai lai lai, Bo panang, Nam Ou. Thank you very much, no problem!, Rice Bowl River. As I watched old women with laugh lines as deep as the Mekong carry heavy loads on their backs, the strap wrapped around their foreheads, I recalled my habit of doing just this with my book bag as a young girl. At that moment I felt the truth of a previous life here, it makes so much sense. Somewhere deep in my soul’s blueprint I have smiled these same smiles, expertly wrapped my own mouth around these pleasing words, carried loads of firewood from my forehead, been lost and found deep inside the mystic jungle. I have been a child of the river; wild, naked and free. I still am. Laidback Laos; running through my veins. To each of these people, to Laos and to the Piscean full moon I owe gratitude; for the layers of Self that have been stripped away, I am more in love with me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

My feet are strong and very wise

They have eyes, they have eyes

I love these feet, on which I stand 

They tread the land, they tread the land 

It is true, I’m fairly wild

I like to sing as the rain pours in-

Sheets down my hair

I come from where 

We see with our feet

I am lucky to tread on safe soil

Aware of the hologram in front of me, the hologram that is me

It is you too, in you

Let’s talk about something true 

Let’s speak from a place we can feel to be real 

Or maybe, we don’t speak at all

-Meaghan Hewitt McDonald, August 29th/2015 

I am giving birth to me, stirred and moved by forces unseen. By the immensity of mountains, the magnetry of the moon. We grow older on these travels, learning how to be ourselves in our own bodies, feeling free. (I’m not sure magnetry is a real word, but it should be. Boom, invented.) I have learned that I can do nothing without my heart and soul, this is who I am. Funnily enough, I crystallized this knowledge through the very opposite; by blocking the river of love that swirls within and without. Blessedly, Spirit slapped my ass with a lesson so good I’ll never forget it. Take your walls down, you are unconsciously holding out good, good love and for what? You have some preconceived notions about people? You don’t know all people. Speak your heart, tell em’ you love em’. Before you know it, you’ll be riding a bus off into the night, floating on a cloud whilst simultaneously kicking your own ass for not acting, speaking, kissing, touching, sharing, connecting, realizing sooner. Whatever it is, open your heart and say YES. Let life in. You will be dazzled. I am dazzled, thank you, Spirit. Thank you. 

I have left Laos for now, propelled forth by the mystical forces of Visa expiration dates. I shall return. I’m back in Thailand now, in a little town on a big ol’ lake; Phayao. Lucky to have met some soulmates in Pai who have offered me the sweet nectar of free accommodation. HOLLA UNIVERSE. Thank you. Who knows when I’ll post again, it’s very hard to keep Venus in Leo on a schedule. Until inspiration and the Muse strike again, loving you. 🐍👽💋




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