In the air, over Idaho 

Life has only just begun. These words I hear in my ears, they come from the watery green iPod; the colour of my eyes. Gifted to me by a group of amazing goddesses. Women who enrich life so fully my eyes prick with tears to think of them. Right now ‘Wandering Mind” by DJ Drez lulls me through the white wall of cloud outside the window and the turbulence in the air. Thank you Karoline. As the song ends the air clears and I can see the familiar patchwork of land below. Flying in a tube with wings. I’ve been an air traveller for most of my life, and flying has always been easy for me. I can still remember the first time I ever rode a plane alone at 5 years old, only a few months older than my now 4 year old cousin, Kaia. Which really puts things in perspective for me. I was scared and felt isolated in that moment, staring out the window to the terminal, wishing I had eagle eyes to see my mother who was inside probably wishing the same. My mood today is one of deep reflection on the path that has led to this moment, enroute to SE Asia. Have I been preparing for this all my life? What will happen on this journey? What waits for me in the place I’ve been flying to in my dreams? Last summer I took a month off in August to enjoy the sun on my home turf and the clarity that comes from simply living. It was then that the path became clearer. I could suddenly see myself standing among temples and white sand the people speaking in tongues I’d never heard. At Squamish Fest 2014, with my Virgo soul sister, Brit Buirs; I looked back with perfect clarity at the path behind me, I could see the checkpoints, the synchronicities that had led me to the exact place I was then standing. It was at that festival that I got a taste of my travel-Self. Unobstructed, open hearted, unfettered, alive. Have I been preparing for this all of my life? I feel the familiar sensation, the same I experienced at the festival. All is exactly in its Divine, perfect, whole and right order. Always. Period. No exceptions apply. Every soul that orbits into my path has come bearing gifts, and I the same to them. Would I have known it was Asia I was meant to traverse to, if I hadn’t met Ashley Sweett in the spring of 2013? When she had just gotten home from her own enlightenment on Asian soil? Well, maybe or maybe not, but; I did. And now, nearly four years later, I have the most amazing tribe to temporarily part with. It would have been easy to stay, with so many amazing souls around, making art in all they do. Each of you flies with me today and on all the journeys that lie in wait, I love you immensely. Thank you.  


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