“…walk the earth.”

"it's the one that says 'bad ass mother fucker' on it."

OK, so…

Here we are, after much frustration and technological snafus I have revamped the ol’ wordpress to new and shiny conditions. It’s 6:21pm, May 30th. Tomorrow is my brother Justin’s 17th birthday and also the day I board a plane to Cambodia with no return ticket. I have made a commitment to share my Self uncensored, so I’ll just say; I am figuratively shitting myself. Truer words were never spoken than that of Cady Heron in Mean Girls; “my stomach felt like it was about to fall out my butt.” A feeling I am now deeply familiar with. Questions swirl in my head, scenarios of all types abound in my wild imagination. It’s the night before Disneyland, Squamish Fest and a trip to the gynocologist all rolled into one. All I’m thinking about now is the airport, customs, flights, connections, baggage claim, my fifteen year old, 35lb, jewel tone purple back pack that needs to be reorganized. Of course I’m blogging instead. PRIORITIES.

So, what of all this anxiety and the sensation of needing to vomit? Well I’ve been here before, its the typical self sabotage that manifests just before we’re about to self-actualize a huge life goal. As soon as we get close to something we begin to lose sight of why we started. At least thats something I can say for myself.

I’ll have more to say on this later, while I’m pacing the halls of LAX on my 7hr layover!! Happy Birth, Justin. See you on the flip.

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