INFP SeaStarhood ✨ 

Uniting in sisterhood is THE most important pursuit for us now, today. The longstanding poisonous patriarch will eventually crumble and it has already begun. We aid this process best, by joining heart and soul in shared love and worship of the Divine Feminine, by lifting our sisters up and speaking unabashed truth to and for … More INFP SeaStarhood ✨ 

🌺💦🐸 Hot and Fragrant Jungle Air 🌴🐚⚡️

I am not always a positive person, in truth I am in perpetual fisticuffs with my gripping anxiety and overactive mind. Struggling to remain present in these places I may never visit again, trying to do anything but fret over the what may come.  Before I debuted in the role of my short lifetime thus … More 🌺💦🐸 Hot and Fragrant Jungle Air 🌴🐚⚡️

what I’ve been up to; not blogging. 

   I’ve been busy falling in love. 🔮✨💖💞😍🌎🌴👯💗🔆 With jungle fringed crags and limestone cliffs that seem to reach their jagged fingers toward rainy season skies. With a beautiful French woman and her tangled red locks. Her pen poised over paper, her brilliant mind flowing forth into inky black lines the shape of breasts, of … More what I’ve been up to; not blogging. 

Infinite Love

When so much and so little happens, and you can’t quite remember where it all fits, because you’re still in the cycle, the wheel is still in motion and you’re plastered against the inside wall, hanging onto the spokes and waiting for the moment you’ll jump off and be somewhere entirely different than before.  Thats … More Infinite Love